I can help you make your website or brochures stand out. I’ve written about all aspects of the travel industry for the last sixteen years, and before that worked for several of the UK’s most prominent tour operators. And last year I worked with both Skoda and Pirelli Tyres to help them implement web copy to run alongside brand new advertising campaigns in the UK.

If you want to get your message over to your clients, it has to have some zip. 

That's where I come in.

I’ve provided copy for a number of tourist boards and travel companies both in print and on the web - content that’s anything but dull, and that gets your ideas across in a memorable and fun way. I've also created the copy for a website that accompanied a major relaunch of a mobile phone app.

I can advise on social media too.

"Will I liked before I met him. But that's a good writer for you. Considering the brief changed a lot, he was fluid, amiable and creative all the way and delivered before the deadline. I now like Will more as I know the person behind the words and have a fantastic copy for the website. Even fellow writers endorsed him so you'd be daft not to work with him." - Business Development & Marketing Consultant.

"I have worked with Will as a travel journalist for years and always found him very knowledgeable with high integrity. I decided to bring him into my company for a media training day as I knew he would bring a no-nonsense approach which would work well for both junior and senior staff. He provided really helpful insights to help us improve our approach to journalists and his creative tasks were based on a genuine understanding of the demands and challenges of our industry and first hand experience working on a very busy newspaper. I would definitely hire Will again." - Company Director

"Will is original, knowledgeable and an expert in travel and the consumer lifestyle associated with it. It's always fun working with him" - Bar & Restaurant Designer

To avoid a conflict of interest, any client with whom I work will not be covered by me in any of my journalistic outlets for a year after the last invoice is settled.